Age Spots

We all know what age spots look like. You may call them brown spots or sun spots, but they all mean the same thing. These are those tan or brown patches that appear on your skin, especially in areas that receive a lot of sun exposure like the hands and face. They are called age spots because they typically pop up after age 30 and may continue to appear as you get older.

Why Do Brown Spots Happen?

Brown spots are the result of an accumulation of melanin in the skin. Your skin reacts to exposure to the sun, and over time, that exposure can cause melanin to pool in certain areas, which results in these unsightly spots. The older you get, the more your skin is exposed to the sun, and the less your skin is equipped to distribute your melanin evenly.

How to Remove Age Spots

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  It is a lot harder to try to figure out how to get rid of sun spots than to take steps to reduce the number of age spots you get in the first place. You can do that by making sure to always wear high-SPF sunscreen when you expect to be exposed to the sun, as well as wearing clothing that blocks the sun’s rays from directly hitting your skin.

Assuming you already have age spots, however, Dr. Brezel has some very effective solutions for you. We have seen great results, for example, when targeting age spots using specialized lasers. Our sun spot treatment options include:

Treatment for Brown Spots on Your Skin in Queens

Age spots make you look older and ruin your complexion. At Glendale Dermatology, we believe there’s a better way. For a consultation on which treatments can markedly reduce the appearance of sun spots, just fill out and submit our contact form below today.

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