XTRAC® Laser Treatment

Certain skin conditions, like psoriasis, which is characterized by red, inflamed lesions with scaly plaques, and vitiligo, which is identifiable through patches of skin that have lost their pigment, can be extremely unsightly. Psoriasis can also be very uncomfortable. In the past, there were few very effective treatments for these skin conditions. Today, however, doctors have had great success with laser treatment for vitiligo and psoriasis. At Glendale Dermatology, we can offer impressive results through the use of the XTRAC® laser.


What Is XTRAC® Laser Treatment for Vitiligo and Psoriasis?

The XTRAC® laser is a treatment for skin conditions like psoriasis and vitiligo that uses targeted ultraviolet light therapy to treat various skin conditions such as psoriasis or restore pigmentation to affected areas of Vitiligo without requiring an invasive intervention like surgery. The XTRAC® procedure is a fast, simple, and well-tolerated, requiring no real recovery time. We have a special handpiece that directs a focused beam of laser light through a liquid light guide delivery system. We apply this handpiece directly to your patches of psoriasis or vitiligo. This allows us to deliver the high doses of ultraviolet light necessary to eliminate the affected skin without doing any damage to the surrounding skin.

Why Is Light Therapy for Psoriasis and Vitiligo Better?

XTRAC® light therapy has many advantages over other treatments for these types of skin conditions. In addition to requiring no anesthesia or downtime, XTRAC® does not have the side effects associated with other types of treatments, such as premature skin aging of healthy skin, thinning of the skin, or medication resistance. XTRAC® can take the place of regular creams or other daily skin care regimens you may currently be using to reduce the appearance of symptoms of these conditions.

Who Is a Candidate for This Treatment?

Virtually anyone who has suffered from psoriasis or vitiligo can benefit from this treatment, especially if you have had limited success with other treatments in the past. At your consultation, Dr. Brezel will examine your specific skin issues to determine if XTRAC® is right for you.

Does Vitiligo or Psoriasis Laser Treatment With XTRAC® Hurt?

You will not experience any pain during the procedure. You may feel some tenderness following the treatment on the treated areas, similar to a mild sunburn. Since there is no anesthesia and the procedure is not invasive, there is no real recovery time. Most patients experience no side effects other than what is mentioned above.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Each treatment session usually takes only minutes to complete. For psoriasis, you should see improvement after only 3 or 4 treatments, and significant improvement after 6-10 treatments, with clearance in 10-20 treatments, lasting six months or more. For vitiligo, you may see repigmentation in as few as 6-12 treatments, with full repigmentation occurring in as few as 30 treatments and potentially lasting a year or more, depending upon the individual.

Where Can I Find Psoriasis or Vitiligo Laser Treatment in Queens, NY?

At Glendale Dermatology, we are well-versed and skilled in the use of the XTRAC® Laser to treat skin imperfections. You can be confident that we will operate the laser in the safest and most effective way possible to produce the best results for your skin.

If you suffer from psoriasis or vitiligo in the Queens area, don’t wait for relief. Contact us at Glendale Dermatology as soon as possible. We can work wonders on your skin, making you more self-confident and much happier with your look. To schedule your appointment, submit the form below now and we will be in touch right away.


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