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We know you work hard to improve your body and maintain your health. But what if you’ve been dieting and exercising to improve your shape and profile and your double chin hasn’t changed at all? If this is the case for you, you’re not alone. Chin and neck fat removal, or “submental fat” removal can be extremely challenging. The great news is that at Glendale Dermatology, we have a chin fat treatment that is proven effective!

What Is a Double Chin, Exactly?

A double chin is formed by the fat that collects around your neck and below your chin. This fat is called submental fat, and it forms the way any fat does when excess calories are stored by your body. However, when we burn fat, we can’t control from which fat stores the energy we burn comes from, and often submental fat is the most stubborn when it comes to reduction.

Double Chin Treatment in New York

You’ve always heard there is no magic bullet to melt away fat. Here’s a secret. There IS one for submental fat. It takes the form of a product called Kybella®. This product is designed especially for chin fat removal and consists of a synthetic deoxycholic acid formulation. This acid is a natural substance found in the body for breaking down fat and does just that when injected into areas of submental fat in your neck and chin. Once it dissolves the fat, your body flushes the fat cells out over time, leaving you with a dramatically improved profile.

Results and Side Effects of Double Chin Treatment

Kybella® is FDA-approved and quite safe when administered by a professional. Most patients do not experience any significant pain or side effects. You may start to feel neck skin tightening and see noticeable profile improvement after about 3-6 treatments over several months. Keep in mind that the destroyed fat needs time to leave your system, so it can be a few weeks before you start to see the effects.

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We have successfully performed Kybella® procedures on many patients who have seen dramatic double chin reduction and improvements to their profiles. To try it for yourself, start by scheduling a consultation at Glendale Dermatology now by submitting the following form.

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