Unwanted Tattoos

Tattoos can be meaningful and beautiful, and when you get one, you’re probably prepared to have it forever. But circumstances change; you may have gotten a tattoo to pledge loyalty to a person or group that you are no longer involved with, or tattoo removal could be a requirement to apply for or get a job you have your eye on, for example. Whatever the reason, if you are trying to find out how to remove unwanted tattoos in a way that is effective and safe, you’ve come to the right place.

Remove Unwanted Tattoos With Glendale Dermatology

At Glendale Dermatology, we offer laser tattoo removal. This is a form of tattoo removal that we can use on virtually any tattoo, including for face tattoo removal, and all types of skin. Our laser has been clinically tested, is safe to use, and is more effective than many other types of tattoo removal.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

Our laser is designed to specifically target the pigmented ink in your skin, breaking it down so that your body can flush it away. Most people describe the sensation as feeling similar to getting the tattoo in the first place. Depending upon the size and type of tattoo, we may require multiple treatments, but each successive treatment should be faster and with less discomfort.

Laser Tattoo Removal Side Effects

There may be some redness, tenderness, swelling and pain at the site of the removal after the procedure, but this should fade within a week or so. Successive treatments usually have fewer after effects that fade faster.


Laser Removal of Unwanted Tattoos in Queens, NY

Getting rid of a tattoo is a big decision, and you will want to discuss it with a compassionate professional with years of experience in dealing with this type of issue. Dr. Brezel is a board-certified dermatologist who has overseen the removal of thousands of tattoos. To schedule an appointment, simply submit the form below.

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