One of the most visible signs of aging is sagging skin. It can appear anywhere on the body, including the neck, legs, breasts and abdomen. Even if your sagging skin is due to rapid weight loss, it can be unsightly and make you look older. It’s hard to feel your best while you are concerned over the look of your skin, even if you have an overflow of youthful energy. That’s why we at Glendale Dermatology offer ThermiTight®, the safe, well-tolerated solution to sagging skin without surgery.


What Is ThermiTight®?

ThermiTight® is a device that uses the power of radiofrequency energy to fight the signs of aging on your skin. The RF waves safely heat the skin in order to stimulate increased collagen production and create long-lasting skin tightening effects without harming surrounding skin.

Where Can ThermiTight® Treat?

ThermiTight® skin tightening treatment can work just about anywhere you need to firm up sagging skin, including:

  • Neck tightening
  • Breast lifting
  • Arm toning
  • Abdomen firming
  • Thighs and knees contouring

How It Works

Dr. Brezel uses a special temperature-controlled probe to deliver a precise amount of radiofrequency heat energy to the desired area for skin tightening. This is a minimally invasive procedure with little or no discomfort. The device is designed to deliver just enough energy to signal the skin to ramp up skin tightening collagen production without harming skin tissue. In the past, only surgery could effectively tighten skin, and it did not always produce a natural look. ThermiTight® can produce significant skin tightening results with a procedure that takes minutes and is generally very well tolerated, with no invasive treatment and no post-treatment recovery time.

Who Is a Candidate for This Treatment?

ThermiTight® works on all skin types for both men and women, so if you’re struggling with loose or sagging skin anywhere on the body, no matter who you are, come see us!

Does the Treatment Hurt? What Is the Recovery Time?

Another one of the reasons that this is a great skin tightening treatment is that most patients report no or mild discomfort, describing the experience as feeling like a heated massage. There is no surgery and is only a minimally  invasive procedure so there is little downtime.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

ThermiTight® can make your skin feel tighter and younger than it has in years, with significant reduction of sagging. Some patients report feeling that skin is tighter and firmer in the target area after a single treatment.

What Does ThermiTight® Cost?

The cost of your ThermiTight® treatment will vary depending upon the size of the target area. We can give you a more complete estimate after your consultation with Dr. Brezel.

Where Can I Find ThermiTight® in Queens, NY?

Glendale’s best dermatologist is also your must trusted source for aesthetic procedures. Dr. Brezel is well-versed in the ThermiTight® technique and can safely and effectively produce remarkable results for tighter and smoother skin. If you’re interested in trying ThermiTight® for yourself in Queens, you’re in luck! Glendale Dermatology is equipped to perform this procedure as soon as you are ready. Contact us now to set up a consultation by submitting our form below to get started.


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