Laser/IPL Treatments for Facial Veins and Pigmented Lesions

We all want to have healthy beautiful skin. Unfortunately, there are many issues that can arise that can affect our appearance. From spider veins on your nose and face to pigmented lesions (brown patches) caused by years of sun worshipping, our Queens, NY, dermatologist Dr. Ted Brezel can improve the look of your skin with laser treatment.

Laser Treatment of Spider Veins  

While most people have some spider veins somewhere on their legs, it’s a lot more obvious when they appear on your face. It can be unsightly and sometimes embarrassing. While sclerotherapy is often the preferred method to remove spider veins on the legs, facial veins are usually best treated with lasers/IPL.

Laser treatment for spider veins and pigmented lesions are performed right here in our office by our Glendale, NY, skin doctor. The whole process generally takes 15 minutes and there is no recovery time, which means that you can easily get back to your regular routine after treatment.

During the laser treatment, the laser light is directed over the veins to heat and destroy it. In the majority of cases, no anesthesia is necessary but if desired a numbing gel be applied to the treatment area prior to the laser therapy. Results can be seen with just one treatment but multiple sessions may be required to see complete resolution.

Laser Treatment of Pigmented Lesions

Whether you are dealing with brown spots that you just don’t like or you have darker areas of skin caused by the sun, our laser systems are exactly what you need to lighten these types of lesions. From freckles and moles to sunspots, we can tackle these issues to even out skin tone and reduce and even eliminate the appearance of these imperfections.

Just like with spider vein laser therapy, the laser light will be directed over the lesion where the heat from the laser will be absorbed by the pigmented skin causing the area to heat and eventually cause the pigmented area to be removed by the body. Over the course of a couple of weeks, the immune system will remove the pigmented area to reveal a lighter and more even skin tone.

Don’t let skin problems keep you from feeling confident with the way you look. Call Glendale Dermatology in Glendale, NY, today to find out if laser and IPL treatments can give you the results that you’ve been looking for.

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